Saturday, February 21, 2015

Food Post 4: 鹹豆漿 xian dou-jiang (lit. salty bean broth) "salty soy milk?"

When Fiona said that this was good and that I would like it I thought that it was a drink because I heard, "xian dou-jiang" or "salty soy milk."  See the sign for it below:

It's actually a soup:

What's in it?  Well I think they cook the soy milk until it curdles, which I honestly didn't know it would do.  There is also 油條 you tiao (lit. oil stick) which is a long strip of dough that is fried until it puffs up.  You usually dip it in dou-jiang like one dips a biscoitti in coffee; here it's chopped up and put in the soup alongside big raw slices of green onion, pickled radish, 蝦米 xia mi (lit. shrimp rice), which is a very small shrimp the size and color of a grain of rice (see below), and I'm not sure what else is in the soup.  Case in point, when I finished the last bite, there was something clattering around my teeth and when I spit it out I saw that it was a small arm of a crab which, judging by the size of its claw, must have been no bigger than my thumbnail!  Here is the xia mi:

Here are some photos of the stand where we ate, which like most stands are simply on the side of the road:

Here is the menu, with all of what we ordered and the total (149NT, about 5 dollars):
Besides the man-tou and xian dou-jiang, we also got milk tea, scrambled egg, and what they call a "dan-bing" (egg with a flat bread squished on top) with pork chop.

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